About Ollie

Through illustration and textile art, Ollie Rollins creates scenes in which he attempts to emphasize the more magical and mysterious aspects of reality in order to make the viewer feel as if they are looking through a window into another world. His art contains elements of surrealism, fantasy, and horror. He draws from his own observations of scenes that stand out to him in real life combined with his imagination. His work also often contains pieces of other people’s worlds, such as photographs or objects, that are just as much of a mystery to him as to the viewer. He relies on the viewer’s curiosity and desire to understand what they are looking at.

Ollie uses distortion of perspective and color to convey a particular emotion or mood in a work of art. Bright, warm colors pull the eye, and warped buildings make one feel as if they are looking in on a scene from the outside and engages them with the composition. This adds an element of fantasy within reality. He also uses simple motifs that are reminiscent of childhood to maintain a feeling of nostalgia, which is one of the things that moves him to create. His primary goal is to create an atmosphere of familiarity and comfort.

Ollie is from Santa Fe, NM, where he currently lives. He spent two and a half years at Ontario College of Art and Design University, living first in Toronto and then spending a semester abroad in Florence, Italy, before returning to Santa Fe to attend St. John’s College.

Art Featured In:

Santa Fe Literary Review, 2021 issue

Hyka Therapeutics, 2020 (find Ollie on their Team page)

Rainbow Reflections: Body Image Comics for Queer Men, 2019

OCADU (Ontario College of Art & Design University) Proud Community Zine Vol. 2, 2019 issue

Emily Carr University of Art & Design, cover illustration for Summer Art Program brochure 2017